Call Taxi

If you are looking for a quality Taxi-On-Call service around Thalassery at an affordable price from a company that caters to your needs, look no further than Handypro Cabs. We provide best in class vehicles to our customers with unparalleled customer service and unbeatable benefits. With the best car rental rates from us, you will rediscover accessibility and affordability.

Automobile Repairing

Here at Handypro , we know vehicles both inside and out, so whatever car, motorbikes  you drive, we can find and solve the problem. Our team can fix any vehicle, from your everyday family ride to classic cars and modern Prestige European cars. As well as having many years of experience in the vehicle repair section , our workers are all certified and trained to make sure that we offer consistent car repairs every time. Our goal is to serve you and get you back on the road as soon as we possibly can.


Carpentry is a very skilled profession and Handypro  has some of the best carpenters. Be it a broken handle or building your new wardrobe, we at Handypro have qualified Carpenters who can do it all. All our Carpenters are thoroughly experienced and shall ensure you get the best of furniture or repair service.Carpentry services can vary from as little as hammering a nail to hang your Family Picture or as important as building your modular kitchen.

Wood Cutting

Tree/wood  cutting is difficult and dangerous work, and if it isn’t done properly, the process can result in injury to the person/people cutting the tree, as well as damage to structures or objects nearby.  This is why you should entrust tree cutting and removal to Handypro .Even if the falling tree itself doesn’t cause damage, trucks and other removal equipment can leave your property in a state of disarray, with deep tracks in the ground and damage to fences or plants. This is why Handypro takes every possible precautions during the tree removal process,  our technicians will carefully remove large branches, one at a time, to lower tree weight and reduce falling impact.

Brush Cutting

Handypro brush cut services., as the name implies, specializes in offering a range of land clearing services which includes alternative solutions. It is a registered PVT LTD company which started operation in 2014, providing the traditional methods of clean-up with modern equipments . In addition, we are supportive of the “Going Green” initiative, and we provide the option of brush cutting. it is an environmentally–friendly, as well as cost-effective method of clearing and maintaining land to ensure clean and tidy surroundings